Welcome to our Amsterdam based recording studio. Our custom built Vocal Booth has the technical and acoustic characteristics very suitable for recording voiceovers or audio books.


Why StudioMP?

>   Pleasant ambiance
>   Comfortable Vocal Booth
>   High-end recording quality
>   Professional staff
>   Affordable prices 
>   Satisfied customers

Vocal Booth

Our custom built vocal booth has all the necessary characteristics to achieve optimal acoustic properties. 

Thanks to high-end recording equipment (Neumann, Motu) you can be assured that your recording meets all professional broadcasting requirements. 

Our sound engineer can help you choose the right microphone settings, provide direction if needed, and edit, mix and master your finished recording, ready for broadcasting in any media.


StudioMP AV Services

In addition to recording voiceovers we offer you a wide range of audio, video, photography and internet services, all at the highest quality and affordable prices. If you have a question about a service not mentioned here, please don't hesitate to contact us

Audiobook recording

recording audio

Many authors choose to narrate their audiobooks themselves while others choose to use a voice actor. Our studio is extremely suitable for recording audiobooks. Please tell us about your next audiobook project. 

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Audio enhancing & restoration

audio restoration

Analog or digital recordings can be restored and cleaned up using dedicated processing software such as declickers, decracklers, dehissers and noise suppressors. Contact us if your audio files need improvement.

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Video recording with teleprompter

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If you need to speak spontaneously, looking directly into the camera lens while video recording a vlog or a presentation, then consider using our video-teleprompter service. Please contact us to make an appointment.

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Audio / Video on location


StudioMP has everything you need for audio and/or video recording on location. This can be for a presentation, a documentary, a corporate film, a vlog or a meeting. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your next project.

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Website design

web design2

Website designers at StudioMP can quickly build a website that is tailored and designed to your company’s needs. In addition to creating a website we can also take care of maintenance. Please contact us for a quote.

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Graphic design


Graphic design moves with the times. So is your company. In addition to designing your business cards and logo, we can also design a complete company presentation for you. Contact us for the possibilities.

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Corporate photography


StudioMP is at your service for corporate photography. Do you need photos for your website, presentation, exhibition or archive?  We would be happy to visit you at your location to discuss the options.

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Do you need an English version of your website, presentation, video or document or rather a Dutch version? We can take care of the translation for you. Quickly, correct and at a reasonable rate.

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Computer issues

computer repair

Is your desktop or laptop too slow to work with? We can help installing a SSD drive to at least double the speed. In addition, we also can solve most computer problems. Windows and Mac. Please contact us for a quote. 

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What do our clients say?

Many clients hiring me for a voiceover increasingly request that I arrange a studio myself. Of course, that doesn’t mean a clothes closet and a budget microphone at home. StudioMP provides a relaxing experience by taking care of all technical aspects of the voiceover from start to finish, allowing me to fully focus on my assignment. I’d recommend StudioMP to any voiceover artist looking for a professional studio!

As a voice actor I always enjoy recording voiceovers at StudioMP. The voiceover booth has a high-quality Neumann mic, which makes my voice sound warm – exactly the sound I’m looking for. The booth is comfortable, too, and the cooperation with the sound engineer is pleasant and the atmosphere relaxed. This means I can fully concentrate on my script and on getting the right tone of voice. Highly recommended!

I am fascinated by jazz and blues. Guitar is my passion and with our band Blueswheel, a five-piece Rhythm and Blues formation, we perform throughout the Netherlands. I was looking for an affordable place to jam and record. I ended up at StudioMP in Amsterdam through someone else. Accessible studio where I find everything I need. I can control the DAW myself with a remote control. The ideal solution within my budget.

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